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Official State I.L.C.C Online BASSET Training.

Our Official State "Illinois Liquor Control Commission" (ILCC) BASSET Training includes,

  • UNLIMITED Course and Test Retakes,
  • FAST, Easy, Official State Training,
  • 100% on-the-go Online Training,
  • FREE BASSET card delivery, direct from the ILCC

Was $21.95 - Now $12.95


Our Official State Training

Gain peace of mind by choosing an official trainer. We're approved and accredited by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission and the Illinois Department of Public Health. Our online course offers fast training, unlimited retakes, and instant certification. Start your training and get your BASSET or Food Handler certificate today.

How it works...

Once you click below and purchase your BASSET training, you will be brought to your online hub where you will watch a series of informative video lessons designed to give you the knowledge to complete the final exam. All lessons can be watched as many times as you need, and you can retake the final exam as many times as necessary to pass, with NO extra charge. Once done, you will be able to download your temporary BASSET certificate and work from TODAY. The State (ILCC) will then send your BASSET card in the mail.

Our Training Providers...

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